Strategies for People Who Want to Achieve More Meaning and Marketability without Sacrificing Balance and Health.

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You don't have to sell your soul to be fulfilled and successful...

Do you ever wonder if there is more depth and significance to be experienced in your career?  You see others who seem to be joyful, fulfilled, and financially secure. There's a life of freedom out there somewhere, but how do YOU get there?


I'm Esther Grisham, and I show you how to "push the power button" to diversify your career direction and align it with your values so you can joyfully grow in life- while also practicing Fit and Focused™ Health.  I coach 3 kinds of people:

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Business Owner

You are figuring out how to navigate your marketability.  You want to be financially successful without sacrificing freedom and time with family and friends.

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Business People Talking

You've been thinking about the next chapter in your late career.  You know you have more to give but you need to figure out what that is and you may be stuck.

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Plan & Vision

You are curious and you want clarity and connection in your life. You need more confidence and courage to explore a more inspiring and meaningful life.  

Career Power Coaching is perfect for the person who dreams of saying:

 "Yay! It's Monday!"

I'm Esther Grisham

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If you could push a button and figure out where you are supposed to be in your career journey and really do what you love, would you do it?


The desire to have a fantastic career led me to a place where  I thought I was confident about where I wanted to go...then I woke up 30 years later to discover that I was missing something...


...true freedom and joy.

It was a wake-up call for me to reposition my skills to help business people in life's transitional times.


Times like these...

...When you're early in your career trying to prove yourself, and you don't want to get trapped in a slave-driving job where you never see your family or friends... and you need to figure out how to DO what you love and BE with who you love...

...When you've put many years in your company and you're feeling "past your prime", looked over, and left out as the company brings in "fresh talent"... and you know you still have value to give...

...When you've found yourself wanting to impact the world at any stage of your life, but you don't know where to start nor do you have the energy...and you need the confident mindset to move forward....


My years as a Leader, Mentor, and Coach in Corporate America taught me to confidently achieve career and financial success while maintaining my authenticity and integrity.  I help you walk through this using my proprietary tools and strategies, which includes a holistic health component in every coaching engagement.


Let’s talk about what is really going on inside your head and heart, and find ways to quiet your insecurities so that the true and confident you can emerge with a strategy and direction.

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“Esther is an incredible listener and coach. Her years of experience helped me develop the confidence I needed to take the next step in growing my new business. ”

Simona R.

Contact Esther to start your transition to authentic joy and happiness in your career.

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