Career Transition Strategist and Fit and Focused™ Health Coach


Her Background 

Business people want to hire competent coaches who are

a) Experienced.

b) Confident.

c) Successful.

b) Real human beings.


Meet Esther Grisham.

Esther is a Mentoring Coach who guides you to clarify and identify where you are now and where you are going in your career.  


Then she helps you actually get there.

Working in corporate environments can drain your energy, strength, and sharpness.  Esther helps you build your career by refocusing on your values and integrating the Fit & Focused™ approach as part of your coaching experience.

Esther the Human Being.


A successful 30 year leadership career in Corporate America led Esther to experience award-winning achievements in business development.  She was at the pinnacle of her career, and then she found herself in a place of transition:  


“Where do I go next, and what am I passionate about?”

Have you ever asked this question?

Career transitions can take its toll on personal health, and Esther understands this from her own personal journey.  


Esther comes from a line of small business owners. Her immigrant grandfather owned a small grocery store in Indianapolis back in the 1930’s and 40’s. Her father was a general contractor. Her mother and sister owned a flower shop. Her brother was also a tradesman, having his own business in home repair.  The standards were very high.


The Long-Term Impacts of Health on a Career...


As a child, she experienced both verbal and physical attacks because of her weight and was bullied throughout her teenage years. It was uncommon for a young person to be “fat”, and she was 1 out of 30 in her class. She tried everything to slim down without long term success. 


After having children of her own in her 30’s, she “settled” on a weight that was “manageable and tolerable” but still overweight. It wasn’t until she reached her 50’s that she “cracked the code” of weight loss using a proprietary method that helps people to manage their relationship with food holistically.  Esther dropped over 30 lbs, but gained a whole new level of confidence, clarity, and focus that changed her life forever.  She has experienced the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and incorporates it into her coaching practice.


...and she teaches others to live authentically true to their own values.


Building on Confidence Through Health and Hope...

Esther has a passion for career significance and enjoys guiding clients to achieve the “gains and wins” without forfeiting a balanced life.


Esther has learned the beauty of balance in her own career and is a mom, wife, and pioneer of creative career transitions. She discovered the hope that lives inside of each of us is manifested in our values, our experiences, and our dreams of doing something of significance.

Talk with Esther about how she can help you transition into your next career step by tapping into your power source.  


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Who I Help

I work with business people who are embarking upon a career transition and trying to get clarity on where they should go next. I also help those who need to redefine their purpose.

How I Do It

I coach individuals online and in person using my proprietary tools, processes, and systems. I focus on cultivating your values so you can align your mind, body, heart, and soul.

What's in It for You

Coaching brings clarity, answers and direction so you can get a return on your time investment.  It's time to stop wandering in the wilderness of work and get on to inspiring others!